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October 2015 - TIRE SERVICES


We are pleased to offer our tire services to our customers!

TIRE REPAIR: $20.00/Repair
Do you have a flat tire that appears to have a simple puncture? We would be more than happy to repair that puncture for you!"we don't plug holes, we repair them!"

TIRE CHANGE: $10.00/Tire
We will remove your tires from their rims, install new valve stems, clean and prep the rim, install the new tires to the rims, balance the installed tires and hand torque once mounted to your vehicle.While your tire is removed, your vehicle will receive an inspection of the following components:- Steering components- Brakes- Suspension

TIRE PURCHASES: New & Used Tires Available!
For all tires purchased through McLam Mechanical Services, you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY rotate and balance of your tires for every 10,000 kms.Please inquire to find out about purchasing your tires with us!


Tire Storage is available, please inquire within! 

(all prices are subject to HST)




September 2015 - NEW LOCATION!


We are finally all setup at our new long term location! We are now located at 170 Samuel Street, Sarnia, Ontario (right being Lee's Snack House, off Campbell Street). Our shop consists of a 12'x14' shop door, office with waiting area for customers, gated compound and security system!

We look forward to servicing your vehicle in the near future!




October 2017 - MOBILE SERVICES

McLam Mechanical Services is pleased to announce the expansion of our commercial mobile repair unit! You may now find us in the NTTS directory, along with being listed as a local option at the 402 scales. Give us a call and find out about our mobile services!

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